Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Wednesday, August 23, 2006.

Up at 6:30. Argh. Like I said, I didn't sleep much last night, so the alarm went off way, too early. Showered and dressed, I had a nectarine. Checked out and caught a cab back to Paddington. Bought some food to eat on board at the Sainsbury's at the station and hopped on board the 9:05AM Plymouth train on platform 2. Apparently the Tube had major delays this morning. There were a few people running to catch the train.

Now I'm on the train bound for Totnes. I'm nervous and excited. I feel like I have a date with destiny. Robin is supposed to pick me up at the station.

Outside the window, we are passing rolling hills, fields full of grazing black faced sheep and black and white cows, villages with red brick houses and clay tile roofs, rugby pitches and caravan parks. I believe we are somewhere in Somerset.

-- Afternoon in Totnes. I arrived at the Totnes train station right on time. Robin sent Tony to pick me up. Tony works in the cheese shop on Ticklemore Street and fills in at the dairy when they are short handed. He’s a fisherman as well. That seems to be a common second job for the locals. Tony and I drove to Dartington to pick up my work wellies. Simple rubber boots work well around milk and cream. Anything to keep your feet dry, and they’re easily cleaned. Nice shop, like any farm store. Everything you need to keep you land in shape. I was sorely tempted to buy a bright yellow sign for our yard WARNING: BULL LOOSE IN FIELD. Perhaps later. Two minutes later, my wellies were purchased and we drove back into Totnes to drop off my stuff at the B & B. Sarie, Robin’s partner booked a room for me at the Steam Packet Inn on the River Dart. Nice room, bright and clean. It’s also close to town. Got settled in and headed into town to get the lay of the land. First impressions of Totnes. It is a cute, upscale medieval town with a large dose of eco-friendly, green loving, aging hippie, new age crystal community. It’s like a clean, coastal Grass Valley/Nevada City/Santa Cruz/Fairfax town. I like it. The High Street is filled with crystal shops, expensive women’s clothiers, restaurants, bakeries, thrift stores, and galleries. There’s a large Norman keep overlooking the town for a good dose of culture. Lots to explore. I can’t wait.

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