Friday, February 19, 2010

I am an Artisan Cheesemaker! With a logo!

Christine Hyatt, the Cheese Chick, shot a video at Portland's Wedge Festival in October. Here I am holding cheese from Silver Falls Creamery. I was bundled up for the crisp, Autumn weather.

Yes, indeed, I am an artisan cheesemaker. Ripening soon!

Our logo was designed by Annette Orban of Orban Ranch in Portland, Oregon. We've been having fun coming up with our "look", labels, and packaging. I gave her the rough idea of what I saw in my head, a wood cut rose.

Building a strong foundation

Why should I let a little thing like my mother's death stop me from continuing with my plans for starting an artisan cheese business? I've been trying to find a balance between dealing with upheaval withing the family following Adrianne's passing and knowing that my dream hasn't changed. Today, my feet are even more firmly placed on this path, as I move forward with a conviction and a burning desire to manifest this new life.

You can plan forever, but you can also get so caught up trying to anticipate every detail that you might never get started. My dream has felt like a pool of water sitting behind a dam, building up pressure, the potential for all that I can be in this next stage of my life and career. Suddenly there's movement and the floodgates begin to open and the water, my creative drive begins to pour out. The water cascades down the face of the dam, slowly at first and then in a torrent, crashing on to the rocks below. Another pool begins to fill and the water begins to flow into channels that have always been there, but they've just been waiting for the water to remember where it is supposed to go. Sometimes I forget it is easiest to just go with the flow.

Here in Dundee, Oregon, a new building is rising up out of the red dirt. The foundation for our cheese palace has been cast. A wooden frame is being erected. A roof has been set in place. Holy cow! This thing is really happening!

Here's a slideshow that shows our progress over the past 2.5 weeks. Photos are mostly taken by Jim.

There's a lot going on around here. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and just want to cry. Other times I'm just amazed at how much my life has changed over the past few years.