Thursday, August 17, 2006

Where am I going?

Totnes, Devon, England

The trip is drawing close. Jim is getting very sentimental because he's staying home and taking care of the Dizzy, Angus, and Ella the cats as well as Charlie the dog. He also blew through his vacation time on our last trip. Ah well. But do not fret, he'll be fine. He's already planning on spending a weekend at Berkeley Tuolumne Camp for our friend's Blues Camp weekend. It's the 10 anniversary of Blues Camp and I'm sorry to be missing it. The camp is located in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains, right outside of Yosemite's north entrance on the Tuolumne River. Beautiful spot and a fun bunch of people head up there for a weekend of hiking and music. So Jim's going stag.

Where is Ticklemore? It's in southwestern England. It's about a three hour train ride from London. The River Dart flows through Totnes from Darmoor to Darmouth. It is a popular vacation spot for the English due to it's scenery and great weather.

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