Sunday, September 10, 2006

Learning, Good and not so good.

Made a rookie mistake. Normally, after the blue cheese gets its second dry salt rub, they are put back into their plastic trays without their moulds. Moulds are washed up and put into the descaling barrels. Well, I went about salting the cheese that needed salting for the first time and the second time. I put them all back into their moulds. Only when Ben asked where the moulds were that needed washing, did I realize my mistake. Oops! I went into the area where the salted cheese is stored and carefully extracted each cheese from its mould. I will proceed with caution next time.

Ben was working with us today. He normally has Wednesday's off, but since he took Tuesday off, he came in today. Since he was here, we made goat cheese: Ticklemore Goat and Harbourne Blue. We also filled a bunch of wholesale orders. My right wrist was sore from the repeated scraping of blue mold off of aging blue cheese on Tuesday. Thank God for Advil. I wrapped lots of cheese today and let Liz scrape. She's been doing this stuff much longer than I have. I am humbled by their stamina.

After tucking the young cheese in for the night, I returned to the kitchen. I spent a quiet evening at home making a baked pasta dish with ground turkey, tomatoes, tomato sauce, comté and Ticklemore's boyton, the aged sheep's milk cheese. Everything blended nicely and the cheese melted well. I wasn't sure what would happen to the boyton, but it worked well. Lots of leftovers. Too bad there's no microwave.

Boyton. Can' t find this treasure back home. Yummy cheese from ewe's milk.

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Mom said...

great post. I could almost taste that scone. Nothing like that here. And the photograph was wonderful.
Talked with Jim last night; he had a great time camping. Told him if he had an extra evening, we'd love to take him to dinner.
Called Shel, but Camille was already in bed.
All ok here...should have help coming this morning which will meke things infinitely easier and allow me to go shopping...Love, Mom