Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A motte and a bailey

Saturday, August, 9th.
Autumn is in the air. Leaves are just starting to turn and drift to the ground. I keep seeing windfall apples on the sidewalk. The light is changing. Nuts are ripe. You can smell it. It is getting colder at night. Game season is almost here. I have 10 more days in England.

I stormed the castle this morning. I shot lots of pictures of it. It is Heritage Weekend, so admission to Totnes Castle, the Costume Museum, the Guildhall, and the Totnes Museum were all free. Yay! I went to all of them. The castle had panoramic view up the River Dart all the way to Dartmoor. It's clear why it was built in that location. The Guildhall was sort of dull. It is still in uses and is quite old, but I don't need to see the mayor's cape. The costume museum had an exhibition on travel clothes from the 17th century to the 1970's. It also has an Elizabethan plaster ceiling. Very ornate ceiling that's been well preserved. The Totnes Museum was well laid out with displays of old apothecary items, an Elizabethan kitchen, a sitting room from a 17th Century merchant, and other local historical paraphernalia. There' an old loom, lots of bottles, coins, water jugs, and furniture. It was displayed well. There's a nice garden in the back, too.

I shopped a bit. Only 10 more days! I must start looking for presents!

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