Thursday, November 30, 2006

Yippee kai yai yo!

In case you might be wondering, I still work the counter at Cowgirl when I'm needed. This seems to work well for everyone. For me, I can have Saturdays free to spend with my sweetie. For Cowgirl, they have someone they can call upon when they need an extra set of hands and don't need to worry. I worked last Saturday, selling cheese to lots of tourists visiting San Francisco for Thanksgiving. I enjoy the public interaction. If someone wants to try a cheese, I'm happy to let 'em have a taste, and if I haven't tried it in a while, I'll take a taste, too! It is fun to compare tastes with my customers. Usually we both wind up saying "Yum!" and I'll go and cut a wedge of cheese for them on the old Handee cheese cutter.

Lately I've been tasting a lot of cheese. It is like saying hello to old friends. I'll take a tiny taste and the memory of the cheese comes rushing back. Since cheese tastes different from wheel to wheel, I'll have a good idea how this particular cheese adds up. Lately the Midnight Moon (goat milk gouda) has been delightful. It is extra-aged and extra tasty. The Comté Montagne has been off the scale in terms of its flavor. The Abbaye de Belloc has been really rich and nutty, too. Red Hawk has been particularly fragrant and soft. Other favorites lately: Hillman Farm's Harvest Goat, Vermont Shepherd, and French Raclette.

Life is good so long as I can keep working with cheese.

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