Monday, February 26, 2007

Lugging luggage

Oh my. I'm leaving TOMORROW!!!!

I am a bit discombobulated. I've got the bed covered with clothing, books, shoes, electronics, toiletries, purses, and a cat. The cat is trying to make sure that I leave with a fine layer of white fur coating everything so I can spread Dizzy's love wherever I go. He hates seeing luggage. He becomes very clingy and tries to make sure that I know he's upset. Eventually I'll ban him from the bedroom and shut the door, but right now I won't. He's sad, and so am I.

It has been a rough week. Charlie's death is still painful, and now I must leave my family and friends for three months. Wow. It is a lot for my little monkey brain to process. I know that Goat Lady Diary will keep me busy, and that is a very good thing.

Packing for three months is very hard. I've got to account for late winter, spring, and early summer weather. Possible ice, snow, rain, wind, sun, and heat. But ALL of that is better than the humidity of summer. Ugh. Working in North Carolina in a cheesemaking room in the summer sounds like one of the seven levels of Hell. It is right up there with trying to park in the grocery store parkinglot the day before Thanksgiving. No thanks. That's why I chose to go to NC in the springtime! Should be beautiful, once spring rolls around.

I'll miss seeing my freshly updated garden come into bloom. The wildflowers are starting to emerge from the ground under the apple tree. The California lilac is in full bloom right now. The first of the douglas irises are blooming, too! I told Jim to e-mail photos of my garden every week.

We had a small earthquake on Friday afternoon. Just another reminder of things I'll be missing. North Carolina gets severe thunderstorms. Hope I don't have to experience a tornado outbreak. I hate tornadoes.

Back to piles of stuff on the bed. How do I know what I won't need? I like to be prepared. I won't be close to an all-night drugstore. So many unknown factors. I better just take everything. I'll be fine, so long as I can still pick up my luggage.

Time to go make some cheese.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah! Good luck and have fun! I'm jealous of all the fine Southern cuisine that you'll be partaking in...just love those chicken fried steaks and hushpuppies (not eaten together,just my favorites!)! Alison

Anonymous said...

WOW, glad I got your email cuz I've been meaning to get the blog website addy got buried somewhere in my email.

Sounds like loads of fun. Was just thinking about your and your cheesiness last nite while watching someone else who left it all to make cheese.

Good luck in NC and have a blast. How close is it to Memphis? I might be there in May for the BBQ and of course ELVIS!


Sairbair said...

Too bad Memphis is so far. Don't think it would work. But you can come and visit me here! The BBQ is better. -Sarah