Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Basketball all around

Sunday, March 11, 2007

It seems that March is basketball season around here. The local teams dominate the headlines of the Greensboro paper. The Atlantic Coast Conference dominates broadcasting in North Carolina. Duke, Wake Forest, Carolina, and N.C. State. Naturally, the locals really support their teams. Cars whiz past with flags of Carolina blue or Wolfpack red dangling from their windows. Grandpa rooted for Duke.

Today is my day off. I drive to Greensboro in order to support the local economy. I have a sweater to return so I've got to go to The Friendly Center, a local mall with shops like JJill, Talbots, Ann Taylor, Coldwater Creek, REI, and Pier 1, among others. There are also lots of chain restaurants, too. Why is it called Friendly Center? I have no idea. Perhaps it is because there are a couple of Friends Meeting Halls nearby. The Quakers are still very active around here.

First order of business is lunch. I go to Ham's on my Aunt's recommendation. It is a local chain that has good burgers and sandwiches, as well as homemade potato chips. It also a sports bar. I walk in and every face is glued to the flickering screens all around the room. The first half of the ACC championship is on television. Carolina vs. N.C. State. This is a BIG DEAL, I think.

I order and watch a bit of the game. I'm not much of a sports fan, but I can see that the blue team is clearly controlling the ball more than the red team. Translated, Carolina is dominating the game.

My fellow patrons consist of the elderly, college kids, and families dressed up for church. The potato chips are on every table. A good choice.

I don't have a problem eating by myself. I keep myself busy with a book, or today I'm scribbling in my journal. Perhaps the wait staff thinks I'm a food critic. Let them guess. My waitress is extremely polite and attentive. I love how nice everyone is around here. I had a woman call me hon (as in "Just a minute, hon"). I like the South.

After lunch, I spent a few hours at the mall, indulging in shameless commerce. I feel like such a rebel. The farm is so serene and self-sustaining, yet I still crave restaurants and boutiques. I rounded out the day with a movie. Saw Wild Hogs. I say give it a pass. It was pretty lame.

I headed for home as the sun was setting. Lee let me drive her Honda van around town. Drives fine, but it has no overdrive. Sure keeps me from speeding, though, since the engine is racing when the van hits 60mph. It handles a bit better than their son's Civic, and it has better head room. I hit my head on the roof of the Civic. It is built for short people. I'm just grateful that they let me drive their cars. It has been a long time since my wings were clipped like this.

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Adrianne said...

Again, wonderful descriptions and makes me want to go to Ham's as well. Yummy. The farm seems idyllic. Go get those weeds, Sarah. Did you taste collards yet?