Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Goats in the garden

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Violet checks out Ginnie's cart

This morning Carrie Carrie lets us lend a hand in the cheese room. We wrapped lots of chevre logs for wholesale orders. Steve spent the morning getting the pasteurizer in order. Tommy and Bobby came over and helped him. Together they got it working. Tommy, the diary inspector came over to recertify the machine. Now we're legal and good to go. OK! Let's make some cheese!

Steve made a batch of chevre. Some of it will be smoked over pecan chips and sold at the farmer's market. The rest will go into his spreadable cheese.

It got very hot today. The sun seems more intense here. At least, it seem that way when I'm stooped in the garden pulling weeds. Perhaps it is because I never spend much time in the sun. I am so fair that it just isn't worth it. I try not to complain too much, but I can't tolerate warm sun for too long. I better let them know. I don't like heat stroke. Can someone please hold a parasol over my head? Perhaps stick a fan on my face? I know it will only get worse. I better get used to the heat, and fast. Carrie Carrie's kids even complained about the temperature. I know today was warm in the garden.

Today's lunch had another treat: banana pudding. Yum. Made with the day-glow orange-yolked eggs from their chickens. Ginnie makes a great custard. I could have eaten the whole bowl. All seven of us gobbled it up. Chris, the chef who cooks the Dinners at the Dairy was here this afternoon. He was planning the next menu with Steve and Ginnie. He was also making a bresaola to hang in the root cellar. I'll be curious to see how it turns out. Not sure how long it is going to age.

Jessie brought a couple of goats into the garden with us for our afternoon weeding session. Trick and Guy Noir, two baby bucks, ran through the weeds and explored the garden. Just like puppies, they're growing really fast. When I got here two weeks ago, they were just tiny little guys who were quite subdued. Now they're into everything and full of spunk. They're still drinking milk, so they're safe to keep in the garden. They don't nibble or destroy much. These guys will be castrated, so they'll just be pets. Most bucks are not so fortunate.

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