Sunday, April 01, 2007

Pushed to the limit

Saturday is spent at the Triad Farmers Market.

Steve and I head out a bit late. I am very tired. I got to bed late after a busy but fun night. At 4am, the Tate's dogs hear something and decide to bark. They not only bark, they scream, cry, howl, and wake up everyone within two miles. I struggle to get back to sleep. The alarm screams at 6am. I throw on clothes and and trudge up to the Barn.

Steve is busy packing the coolers for the market. I eat some homemade granola and sip my PG Tips. I'm dead tired. I have no idea how Steve does it. He got up at 4:30 and dipped the curds that were left to ripen overnight in the pasteurizer. Incredible.

We arrive to eager patrons. The weather is overcast, yet balmy. There is an Easter egg hunt happening in a field next to the market. Kids are everywhere. We spent the entire day politely policing children. They naturally want to grab a hunk of cheese with their dirty hands. Some parents are very good about showing kids how to sample cheese, others are oblivious. I ask the kids if they like cheese. If they nod yes, I hand them a toothpick with some Jersey Girl gouda on it. If they look at me as if I'm trying to poison them, I hand it to Mom. Then they eat it.

We sold lots of cheese. After eight hours of sales, Steve decides to pack it in. I'm wiped out. I can barely speak, let alone think rationally. I've hardly taken a break, and I haven't had lunch. It is 4pm.

Lunch is at Steak and Shake. I vetoed Subway. I need something more substantial. I decide to voice my needs to Steve. I need lunch, and an occasional break. I can't function well without them. He understands. He forgets to take breaks and needs to be reminded. I'll remind him.

I skip supper and fall asleep at 7:00. At midnight, I crawled under the covers and slept for eight more hours. Wow.

Sunday is busy. It is my day off. There is a Brunch at the Barn and a Dinner at the Dairy. I've taken off so I don't get sucked in. I went to the movies in Greensboro. "The Last Mimsy" is worth seeing. I liked it. Now I am sitting in a Caribou Coffee, surfing the web and updating my blog. Thank God for Wi-Fi. The dial-up internet access at the farm just doesn't cut it.

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