Friday, November 02, 2007

updates and ass kicking

Delays are a part of life. If you've ever tried to fly into or out of San Francisco, you learn that fact each an every time.

Finding our new home is subject to delays. We haven't found a place after months of searching! Yes, I'm frustrated. Yes, I'm disappointed. Yes, I'm impatient. I just want to get going. I'm ready to go mentally and physically. For whatever reason, the right place has not made itself known to us. What's a girl to do? She gets physical!

I'm not a Cowgirl too often these days. I worked a couple of shifts this week but that's not the norm, lately. Since I've got all of this time on my hands, I need a project. If I don't have a project I go stir crazy. My current project? Me! I'm working on my body, strengthening, toning, and dropping the extra pounds that have been clinging to my frame for a few years. I want to be in top shape for making cheese. Cheesemaking is back-breaking work, literally. If my back and body are strong, I won't injure myself as easily. If I'm hurt, I can't make cheese. If I don't make cheese, I don't have cheese to sell to the masses. That's bad for business and the bank account.

I need help getting fit, strong, and lean. I walked into Golden Gate Fitness a couple of months ago and signed up. It is a small gym down the street from my house. Everyone in there lives in the neighborhood. It isn't glamorous, they don't have a pool, the don't have yoga classes. They have instruments of torture - a rack, an iron maiden, iron weights, etc. They have lots of machines and mirrored room for stretching and doing mat exercises. What fun! I have a lot of natural strength thanks to the Eastern European peasant blood in my family yet I lack coordination, motivation, skill and tone. To get over these hurdles I hired Al Garza, a personal who works at Golden Gate Fitness. I see him twice a week and he willingly kicks my ass in the nicest way possible.

Al's great. He's a firefighter/EMT for the San Francisco Fire Department. He's a fitness trainer on the side. An SF native (very rare these days,) he actually grew up in the neighborhood. As local as can be. He's a fitness freak. While the other firemen like to cook up big, heart-clogging meals like lasagna, Al will be stir-frying veggies with shrimp. He's a big fan of feta cheese. It seems to be a weakness of his. He says he can eat a whole block of it in one sitting. Perhaps I'll make some feta and give him some for Christmas. I'd like to practice my feta making. Al has been great, motivating me to push my limits and makes me work up a sweat within seconds. I leave the gym tired, but feeling really good. He's got a very positive approach for which I am most appreciative. Sometimes I'll watch myself do these silly squat maneuvers and look completely ridiculous. I can't help but start giggling, grow weak, and have to stop. Al's good and keeps his composure. The harder I work, the more I'm seeing results. My clothes are baggier. This is good.

Not only am I working out regularly, but I'm taking a belly dance class. Why? Because it is fun, and I should be having fun while I'm embarrassing myself in front of four other women. I'm not the most coordinated of people. When my instructor says pick up your left foot, I usually go for my right. I've taken two classes, so far. It is a great work out for your abs, legs and arms. I'm usually sweating after about five minutes. This week we had the added bonus of an earthquake during class! Did I feel it? No! 5.6 magnitude on the Richter scale and I totally missed it! I came home and Jim has the details pulled up on the computer. He's amazed that I didn't feel it. I lasted for 20 seconds. That's a moderate earthquake by any measure. I guess the earth under Glen Park is very stable. No damage around here. The local TV news crews had fun going to grocery stores around San Jose looking for broken wine bottles, pickle jars, and loose items scattered across the floor. Mostly rattled nerves it seems.

I'm having a good time getting fit and remembering what it feels like to feel my body move. I've got a lot more energy and with the help of Weight Watchers, I'm losing some weight, too. Yee haw! Cheese is not a low calorie food, so being in shape will help me in many ways.


I've been busy. Stay tuned for upcoming posts: Class Reunions, Field trips, and more educational opportunities.

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upkerry14 said...


While Googling al Garza I came upon your blog. This must be the same Al Garza who was my paramedic preceptor way back in the 80's. Do you have a contact email address for him? I would like to say hi.
Thanks, Bill Dennehy

upkerry11 at yahoo dot com