Tuesday, March 18, 2008


(top) young hazelnuts/filbert orchard, old oaks, and douglas fir trees.
(middle) view of Mt. Jefferson in the Oregon Cascades.
(bottom) view of Mt. Hood to the northeast of Yamhill County.

So here's the deal so-to-speak. We went to Oregon 10 days ago. We saw eight different properties. Our realtor drove us from Newberg to Amity and back. What did we see? Some pretty nice places. What did we do? We submitted an offer on Monday, March 10th. It was for the first place he showed us.

We came to an agreement on price on Friday. Time for the next hurdle in the deal. We are flying up tonight for The Great Inspection. The inspection is what made us rethink the deal in July. We have greater confidence this go-around. And this place is much, much better. The inspection will take place tomorrow morning.

We're very excited about this deal. The property has a beautiful house, nice acreage, and an amazing view. It also happens to be sitting the epicenter of the Oregon Wine Country. If all goes well, we'll be future farmers by May.

I think I'll need some tractor lessons. Any volunteers?

This will be a great location to make cheese. I hope you agree with me in the near future.


Momily said...

My fingers are crossed... best of luck with the inspection... no whammies!!!

adriane said...

That's great! Here's hoping for good news on the inspection!