Friday, February 19, 2010

I am an Artisan Cheesemaker! With a logo!

Christine Hyatt, the Cheese Chick, shot a video at Portland's Wedge Festival in October. Here I am holding cheese from Silver Falls Creamery. I was bundled up for the crisp, Autumn weather.

Yes, indeed, I am an artisan cheesemaker. Ripening soon!

Our logo was designed by Annette Orban of Orban Ranch in Portland, Oregon. We've been having fun coming up with our "look", labels, and packaging. I gave her the rough idea of what I saw in my head, a wood cut rose.


Christine said...

Thanks for sharing this. I love your comment about what Artisan is to you. The title was a bit of a nod to the sentiment. Hope things are coming along with your new cheeses. Beautiful label and name ; )

The Chef In My Head said...

I have spent hundreds of dollars on cheese making equipment and have no excuses. Thank you for the inspiration, maybe some good goat cheese for my family this weekend! Best of luck with all of your endevours with cheese. It looks like you are a huge success already ~ you are doing something you love! LeslieMichele

Marcella Wright said...

Hello, I have you on my blogroll but was considering adding you to the "Artisan Cheesemaker" as well. Is that premature? Not sure if you are currently making and selling cheese. Let me know.


alison mcq said...

love the logo - congratulations - can't wait to try the cheese!

Michaela Iler said...

I love it! Your logo is well done and if I ate cheese, your marketing would make me want to buy it!

Not to mention your sweet spirit! :) You go Grrrl!

Sairbair said...

Thanks, y'all! Marcella, thanks for the link, I added you to my cheese-centric links page, too. My artisan cheese will be available for mass consumption very soon!