Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Follow me!

Jim and I are luddites. We have six year old cell phones, my laptop has seen better days, and our desktop computer is pretty ancient, too. Yet, we're cutting edge in cheesemaking circles.

Why? Because we're on Facebook and have been for a while. I'm also on Twitter. Briar Rose Creamery has a pretty good following on Facebook. We've seen a good response at our farmer's markets when we promote a flavor. We've been able to get into supermarkets that way, too. A cheese buyer told me that they had customers demanding our cheese because we asked folks to request Briar Rose Creamery's chevre at their favorite cheese counters.

The power of social media is pretty strong and Jim and I seem to like the immediacy of it.
It works!
Power to the people!

So if you're so inclined, please follow Briar Rose Creamery on Facebook:
or find us on Twitter: BriarRoseCheese

I've also added those widget thingies to the right-hand column of this blog so you can sort of keep track of me.

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