Monday, December 06, 2010

Chocolate goat cheese truffles are catching on!

Got a nice write-up on the Pacific Northwest Cheese Project. Our truffles are addictive. And they're selling fast!

I learned how to make them while at Goat Lady Dairy. I made lots of them while I was there. Since then I've made them from time to time to give as gifts to friends. I even made them for classes at the Cheese School of San Francisco.

I loved tweaking with the recipe. Mom was very opinionated when I was shopping around for chocolate to test. She wrote a book about chocolate in the '70s called "The Chocolate Bible", so she knew what she was talking about. We tried several different chocolates and several different cocoa powders to get the exact flavor profile that I was looking for. It had to be a rich, dark chocolate, but not bitter. The sweetness from the chocolate had to marry well with the acidity of the goat cheese. The cocoa powder had to hit the palatte with hints of smoke, and savory chocolate. Yes, they're really good.

Right now you can only find them where ever we are personally selling them, so a few holiday markets around town. We're looking for more retail outlets, but our production is small, so I've got to make sure they're in places where they'll sell.

They make great hostess gifts if you really feel like sharing.


HB said...

Sarah - I just stumbled across your blog. My wife and I have a small cheese making business in Virginia. We've been making goat cheese truffles and selling them since September. They are a huge hit. We've played around with a few flavors, and our raspberry dark chocolate truffles are the most popular. After some begging from a regular customer, we tried to make a rose truffle. I was hugely skepticle at first. I was sure they wouldn't sell. Boy was I wrong. I've been getting special orders for rose truffles. A local "underground supper club" featured them last week and they were a great success. My challenge in making them is finding time to hand roll them. Do you have a method that is fairly quick to shape them?

I'm glad to see some other cheese makers heading in the same direction.

Thanks for any help you can give!


Sairbair said...

Hi HB!

Each truffle is rolled by hand. The more you make them the quicker you get.

I'd be curious to know how you're incorporating the rose flavor into you truffles. Dried rosehips or are you adding rosewater?

Email me at and I'll share more info.

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