Friday, January 04, 2013

San Francisco Chronicle!!!

Briar Rose Creamery's Freya's Wheel.  Photo by Craig Lee.
Jumping up and down for joy tonight!!!!  Our humble little cheese called Freya's Wheel is the cheese of the week in the San Francisco Chronicle.  Holy guacamole!   I'm so happy!   Plus, I'm in the Bay Area this weekend celebrating my birthday.  What a great gift!  I can actually pick up a hard copy of the paper and put it into my scrapbook.   Don't know who planned it, but the timing of this article is fantastic.

The Cheese Course Column by Janet Fletcher

Nice, personal essay-like review of my cheese.  I love the fact that the author, Janet Fletcher mentions the artisan cheesemaking class at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  This was my first "real" cheesemaking class that I took in 2005 and that's where I first got to know Janet.  I've managed to stay in touch with her over the years, seeing her at cheese conferences and at events around the Bay Area.  Who knew that several years later she'd find my cheese in a cheese shop and then she'd be featuring it in her column. 

So if you're looking for my cheese in the Bay Area, you might try Cowgirl Creamery.  They're selling Freya's Wheel.  Looks like my buddy Gordon Edgar at Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco has a couple of Freya's Wheel in stock as of today.  Spotted a photo on their Faceook page.

If you're looking for my luscious, taleggio style goat cheese, I just dropped off two wheels of Madrona as well as two Freya's Wheels at the Epicurean Connection just off of the plaza in Sonoma. Sheana Davis is a huge proponent of artisan cheese and a cheesemaker herself.  So fun to be able to hand deliver cheese to her in Sonoma this afternoon.  The Epicurean Connection is the first cheese counter in California to stock Madrona! 

This article in the San Francisco Chronicle means so much for me on a personal level because my mother used to write for the The Chronicle. In the 1980's and 1990's she was a regular contributor to the Food Section.  She wrote about kitchen gadgets, cookbooks, and cherry picking.  We got to taste test heirloom apples.  She would critique restaurants with Michael Bauer.  She'd write about food finds in Finland.  She was a travel writer as well.  As time moved on, she wrote less about food and more about her dogs.  The food world was not of interest anymore.

If you search the archives of you'll find some of her stories.  Most are very personal.  Like the one about the doves that came to nest on the deck.  Other are features about subjects that are close to all of our hearts, good food.
Here's a link to an article about cherries:
Here's the dove story:

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