Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Culture Magazine, Spring 2013

 I picked up a copy of Culture Magazine last weekend at the Oregon Cheese Festival at Rogue Creamery in Central Point/Medford, Oregon.  Didn't have a chance to read it until yesterday - over a week later.  As I am casually flipping through the pages, my eyes drifted across the New On the Market column.  Item number 2 is FREYA'S WHEEL!!!  My jaw practically hit the floor.  I look again and there it is.  My cheese!  In a magazine!  Cool!  I totally forgot that this might be happening. 

I remember an email in January after the article ran in the San Francisco Chronicle.  A writer from Culture wanted a photo of Freya's Wheel. They were going to mention it.  I thought it was for a blog.  I had no idea it was going into the magazine.  This is what happens when you work 12 hour days, day after day.  You start to forget things like this. 

I was completely gobsmacked to find my photo and mention of my cheese in the glossy pages of a magazine.  I was sitting along at the dining room table and there was no one around with whom I could gush and share the news.  The cat was asleep on the couch.  The dog had his back to me, staring out the window, hoping a squirrel might appear on the lawn. Jim wasn't around.   So I put the magazine down and forgot about it for several hours. 

That night, Jim picked up the magazine and was looking at an article on Spain.  I told him to look at page 10.  He does.  "Hey!  Franklin Peluso is making a washed rind Teleme," he announces.  He knows I have a huge weakness for Teleme.  "Yes, dear.  I saw that, too.  What ELSE is on the page?"  "Oh!"  Jim starts.  "Hey! Freya's Wheel is here.  I thought I recognized that cheese picture."   He was excited, too.  Such good news.  One more thing to put on the wall of our Farm Store!  

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